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The most current updates on the outbreak of Coronavirus

The current coronavirus situation


At this point in time there is more than 1.7 million known cases of coronavirus. Those 1.7 million cases are spread over 185 countries and of those people who have been infected just over hundred thousand people have actually died. Of all the countries who are facing this pandemic the US now has twice as many confirmed cases of coronavirus than any other single country in the world. Strangely the cost of medical care in the US is also twice as expensive as that in any other developed country. Even though over 109000 people have died of coronavirus which is regrettable however, on the positive side four times as many people have recovered resulting in approximately a 75% recovery rate which should at least give people a measure of hope. This is verifiable information which has been provided by John Hopkins University. It is ironic that the US has 530,000 confirmed cases approximately 6 times the official number which has been recorded in China the country in which the coronavirus has originated.


It almost seems as if China is protected


even though the virus has originated in Wuhan in China the total number of deaths in that country is just over 3300 while countries such as France, Spain and Italy and the US each have already recorded over 10,000 deaths. It is very difficult to understand this phenomenon but it would almost seem as if China was prepared and therefore had an unfair advantage. What other logical conclusion can be drawn from the statistics. Nevertheless, there are some of the Chinese government critics who have actually questioned whether the official numbers which he has been released by China is in fact reliable and accurate. Furthermore, the US government has said it would be unwise to make changes to the current lockdown situation because this can result in the spreading of coronavirus. It is also important that countries should be willing to accept deportees and those that do not co-operate may be in danger of losing their access to visas.


The South African situation


just over 2100 cases of coronavirus has now been confirmed. Another troubling statistic is that over 60% of the test which has been conducted over the last 24 hours were done among employees in public health facilities. The available statistics indicate that there are three primary epicenters in South Africa. According to a statement which was released by the health minister confirmed coronavirus cases were standing at 2173 on Sunday night which indicates an increase of 145 new cases in only one day. Not long ago there was actually a noticeable decline in coronavirus infections but according to the health minister. 


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