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Regional cross-border cooperation for corona virus pandemic

A heavy burden to carry


It had been seen that the corona virus is a heavy burden on health care systems all across the European Union. The European commission has therefore issued a practical guidance document to help members to deal with cross border health care co-operation. The document provides guidelines for both regional and national authorities. The reality is that cross border co-operation can do a lot to alleviate the pressure especially on hospitals who are stretched to breaking point. Cross border co-operation allows for the transfer of patient to hospitals in other regions where more hospital space is available. A further benefit of cross border co-operation is that this allows physicians in one area to assist those in other areas where the burden is heavier thus allowing those facilities to cope better with the high volume of patients.  There can be no doubt that unity is extremely important in order to deal with the current corona virus crisis. This is why partnering with those across our borders have the potential to make a serious situation more manageable.  This can help to save many lives because it can relieve the pressure which is experienced in certain health care facilities.


A message for regional and national leaders


Co-operation can make the difference between success and failure as far as this corona virus is concerned. By standing together and sharing the responsibility a lot more can be achieved. This is why all regions and countries must work together in order to ensure a speedy solution for the corona virus problem. This is why it is uplifting to see how much co-operation there has been globally particularly the assistance which has been seen across many borders in many parts of the world. Once this crisis has passed and all the stories has been told we will finally come to realize how much has been accomplished with cross border co-operation. This is why healthcare professionals from all over is strongly encouraging the treatment of cross border patients in order to ensure that the scourge of corona virus is dealt with as speedily as possible. Countries who are in a position to provide assistance should make health care workers available so that crisis areas can receive all the assistance which they may require to deal with corona virus patients. By working together, a lot of lives can be saved.


Actions which can be taken


Health care facilities which have the required capacity should put together a clinical management support team which will allow professionals in the healthcare system to share expertise and knowledge with their colleagues in other parts of the world. The use of available digital technologies makes it possible to instantly share valuable information with almost anyone, anywhere in the world. All necessary steps must be taken to allow the deployment of healthcare teams across borders and in this regards currently valid regional and bi-lateral agreements will do a lot to simplify the process. The fact remains that with effective co-operation a lot more can be accomplished in a shorter period of time and this can make all the difference to corona virus patients where the outbreak occurs and usually forms a time-limited epicenter.


Again, I want to inform all institutions, organizations, and private contractors that I am at my disposal with my part in a necessary effort fighting the corona virus pandemic, no matter where in the world the outbreak. Again, I want to inform all institutions, organizations, and private contractors that I am at my disposal with my part in a necessary effort fighting the corona virus pandemic, no matter where in the world the outbreak is. Contact us if you have a staffing need even if it is about material deliveries, or help with corona virus testing activities.


Ex. Federal Emergency Management Coordinator

Roger K. Olsson

Email: linership(at)

Call: +46 (0) 70 547 4835

Kiruna, Sweden

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