Kiruna city transformation because of the mining expansion

The town transformation in Kiruna has got focus in Sweden as well as globally - never before such a big community been transformed. The cause is that mining has caused  subsidence which affects the town, and the Kiruna parts have to rebuilt elsewhere, on fresh ground.

The place chosen to establish a town, the Haukivaara low mountain, has a quite favourable domestic climate was strategically located between the 2 mining mountains Luossavaara and Kiirunavaara. The housing back then required to be near to the workplace because of the badly developed means of communication.

The town must be moved

Mining causes the rock to shift and this affects the atmosphere, above and below ground. As mining goes deeper and deeper, the land the neighboring communities are affected. The shape and place of the ore bodies plan where the ground will move and how communities are affected. In Kiruna there is just single ore body and it leans in below the town itself. Hard regulations plan how much the ground is permitted to move if people live above and before such values are reached dwelling must be shifted and the place changed into an industrial estate.

New Kiruna

Around six-thousand people have to move because of mining activities in Kiruna. The full are covers about 3,000 residential units and around 450,000 square metres public and business premises. It contains villas, apartment buildings, housing associations, shopping centres, firms and businesses, around twenty historic buildings, a sports ball, a church, a public bath, a secondary school, five hotels, a hospital and the peoples house.

The technique is that the land will not become an industrial estate fast, instead it will be turned into park like places, so-called mining city parks. This makes a perfect transition between mine and town and no locals have to live next door to an industrial estate.

New Kiruna will be characterized by a safe, dynamic and urban atmosphere. This contains best lighting and dense city center, which has been a key request from Kiruna inhabitants. The urban change is now is an operational phase with decisions and plan’s being implemented. Construction of the fresh city hall is complete swing and schedule for competition in 2018. From today's city hall, once named Sweden most charming public building, only the characteristic bell tower will be preserved and moved to the fresh place. It is guessed that the present center will be fully phased out and the new one in location in 2035.

The city transformation in Kiruna means restructuring the whole city

The city is to move northeast towards an area identified as a resource for the establishment of a new city centre. At the same time as the old is abandoned, the new is to be added. New relations and contexts will be created. Throughout the transformation process. Kiruna has the world’s largest underground iron ore mine.

Investment organization of Kiruna municipality just headed the process for seeking commercial real estate Investors for two commercial planned blocks downtown in the new and top modern mining city of Kiruna. These main city centre planned blocks are excellent for shopping centres, hotels, as well as for enterprise's data centre companies where requires energy efficient cooling for server facilities in operations, and/or local, regional, and national community services. 

Kiruna is mainly associated with hunting, fishing, skiing and outdoor life in fantastic countryside spread out over our 20,000 km2 municipality. Much of the Sami culture is preserved here through the active use of the North Sami language and a thriving reindeer husbandry

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