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Infrastructure for testing for covid-19 and Sweden Strategy in response

The COVID-19 virus is testing our society. In recent weeks, the Swedish government has presented a variety of different measures to safeguard people's health, live and jobs.

It is vital to implement the best measure at the right time, to get the top possible impact. The government will take every decision necessary to safeguards people's lives, jobs and health.

The plans taken by the administration and government agencies to decrease the speed of the virus spread need to be weighed against their results on society and public health in general. The measures taken reviewed continually as the condition develops.

A vital starting point is careful consideration of the professional knowledge contributed by government agencies. These professional agencies can make advises to the Government on the measures they consider should be taken, but they can also take plans on of their own.

People in Sweden have a top level of trust in government agencies. This means that a big proportion of people follow administration agencies advice. In the present condition, people in Sweden are on the full acting responsibly to decrease the spread of infection by, for example, limiting their social contacts.

The effort, decision and strategy of government:

Limit the spread infection in the country

By restricting the spread of the virus, the government aims to relieve force on the health care system and save people's lives, jobs and health.

Make sure that medical and health care resources are accessible

The government aims to make sure that the regions and municipalities, which offer the health care, have all necessary resources. For this factor, central government will cover all big costs arising as an outcome of the pandemic, e.g. higher costs for extra staff and protective equipment.

Alleviate the impact on people and business

The government has prescribed crisis package to mitigate the monetary impact of the pandemic on Swedish businesses, agencies and organisations, and to keep people jobs and livings.

Restrict the impact on critical services

To make sure the society can continue to function, the government monitors needs and takes the plans needed to make sure that the health care, energy supply, police, transport, communications and food supply structure, for example, can manage their activities.

Ease concern

By continuously providing detail,  the government aims to make it obvious what measures are being taken and why. The government broadcasts vital information live on its site, written information about the government's efforts, measures and plan is also accessible there. 

Folkhälsomyndigheten utökar rekommendationen för testning och analys av det nya coronaviruset ytterligare, för att snabbt kunna hitta eventuella oupptäckta fall av covid-19.

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