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How the Covid-19 disease is handeled in Turkey

Faced with a rising number of COVID-19 cases, the disease caused by the new coronavirus, Turkey has put in place a range of measures.

It is shut in citizens over 65 and under twenty years of age home, closing road traffic in and out of some provinces and mega cities, halting local flights until 20 April, 2020 and international flights until 20 May, providing free masks to the population, constructing 2 emergency hospitals in Istanbul, and imposing a curfew during weekends.

Meanwhile, Turkey is struggling with its own COVID-10 health crisis and possible lack of PPE. As of 22 April, the country had reported 95,592 cases of pandemic and 2,260 deaths, according to data collated by John Hopkins University.

The Turkish Medical Association has alerted of issues surrounding the available of PPE and conveyed dangerous among healthcare employees that they may run out of equipment. Recep Tayyip Erdogan (Turkey president), was criticised by the head of the opposition Good Party, which questioned aid to Spain and Italy at a time when the Turkish administration was asking for donations from citizens to help combat the pandemic at home.

Turkey has continued to ship PPE to other nations. Ankara may be trying to improve its manufacturing sector and its economy during the COVID-19. But there are also deeper political and historical reasons behind this recent generosity.

Before the pandemic start, Turkey was stick in a hard crisis with economical, political, and international dimensions. The key foreign and local policy agenda was the imbroglio in Syria and continue battle over Idlib. At home, Erdogans ruling Justice and Development had lost municipal elections in Ankara and Istanbul in 2019 and the economy had been under worry at least since the 2018 exchange rate fluctuation.

Koronavirusler (CoV), soğuk algınlığından Orta Doğu Solunum Sendromu (MERS-CoV) ve Şiddetli Akut Solunum Sendromu (SARS-CoV) gibi daha ciddi hastalıklara kadar çeşitli hastalıklara neden olan büyük bir virüs ailesidir. 


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