Current security situation and COVID-19

While the America and government around the earth scramble to address the fast spreading coronavirus, officials are trying to keep people fit and plan for the impacts on everyday life and the international economy. Governments must also fast plan for the impact of the coronavirus on national security.

Existing national security challenges will be made very bad as countries take serious measures to respond to the COVID-19. The international crisis of  displaced people, which is already at historic level, could rise more instability as countries close their borders, if outbreaks happen in camps or if people feel countries incapable to managing the pandemic at home.

Government must save critical infrastructure such as cyber-networks. As big numbers of people attempt to telework, cyber-attacks would wreak havoc as nations attempt to keep their economies and important functions going amid the crisis.

Tensions between nations could escalate. Trumps shock announcement of a travel ban on Europe has angered American friendly allies. South Korean has criticized Japan for a supposedly lax response to the pandemic, fueling tensions in a relationship between 2 key allies that is already stained.

As officials are consumed by the COVID-19 response, there are many continue conflicts, including wars in  Yemen, Afghanistan, and Syria that the America and other countries now will have far less time and energy to attempt to resolve and it will definitely increase military presence.

This pandemic also poses a risk to the general functions of government. With a number of members of Congress already self-quarantining - some of Whom Trump has been in contact with and senior officials in other administrations already infected, all levels of government will have to make sure that they have in place clear guidelines for connection of government.

This is just the starting of a big global health crisis that could become far worse, and administrations must learn the lessons fast and start changing polities that can help mitigate this pandemic as well as stop the next one.

Central Command Statement on Confirmed COVID-19

FEMA - To help emergency managers and public health officials prepare for disasters during COVID-19



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