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Wurth Industry cleaner 500ml (6)

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Wurth Industry cleaner 500ml (6)
High-quality special cleaner for removing adhesive tape residue, labels and film stickers as well as stubborn dirt. NSF-certified Effective Simple removal of adhesive residue, labels, and adhesive tape Dissolves stubborn dirt such as wax, rubber abrasion, silicone residues, permanent marker, oil and grease Gentle on materials Delicate surfaces such as aluminium, brass and stainless steel are not attacked. User-friendly No unpleasant odours for users and the environment. Fast and effective cleaning. Acetone-, silicone- and AOX-free Notice Prior to treatment, check rubber and plastic parts for compatibility in an invisible location. Paints may be attacked. Application area Cleans machine parts, plastic parts and metallic surfaces of adhesive residues. Also suitable for removing protective preservatives e.g. on brake discs.
Posted on 10/11/20

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