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VigRX® Fertility Factor 5 A Male Fertility Breakthrough From VigRX®!

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Product Overview:

Fertility Factor 5 helps couples conceive. It's a high quality formula made with clinically studied sexual nutrients shown to improve sperm count, shape and movement, among other factors that help men impregnate their partners. With the 'VigRX®' name on the bottle, it's a top-seller!

Clinical Studies:

We made Fertility Factor 5 with clinically studied ingredients like Tongkat Ali LJ100 - a joint effort between the Government of Malaysia and Massachusetts Institute of Technology - which improved semen parameters in 100% of infertile men who took it over 3 months.

Their sperm motility improved by a very encouraging 44% - and that was just after 12 weeks!

Fertility Factor 5's Competitive Advantages:

Promote Fertility Factor 5 and you instantly capitalize on its many advantages. These include:

VigRX® — Fertility Factor 5 is a VigRX® product - a name that converts higher on that alone.

Clinical Studies — Researchers have extensively reviewed the ingredients in Fertility Factor 5, and they like what they see!

It Works! (Very Well) — A study done on one of the ingredients in Fertility Factor 5 documents 11 pregnancies within 6 months among men who were previously told that conception was very unlikely.

Primary Market:

Fertility Factor 5 is for men age 21+ struggling with male infertility and who are looking to conceive. Can be sold on its own or as an upsell to other VigRX® products like VigRX Plus®. Fertility Factor 5 is sold and shipped world-wide.
Posted on 05/29/20

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