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Sauna Barrel Nordkapp ECO

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Sauna Barrel Nordkapp ECO
We are very pleased with the total length of the Sauna Barrel ECO, which makes it possible for us to arrange a home delivery in the most efficient way. However, some of our customers recommended not to stick to the standard heater selection without an opportunity of choosing their own. Responding to the demands of our online clientele, we have constructed a compact, easily-transportable model that does not require heavy machinery for unloading. Genuine connoisseurs of bathing culture can now enjoy a highly affordable product of distinct quality, which delivers both convenient functionality and superior sauna performance.

- Wall thickness: 42 mm
- Sauna size: 5.20 m3
- Height of sauna: 2159 mm
- Weight: 645 kg
- Package size: L2,40 x B1,20 x H0,80 m.

Standard set includes:
- Number of windows: 2 pcs (front or back)
- Black asphalt shingles roofing
- Lockable exterior door with large window
- Sauna benches made of top quality alder

Assembly: Delivered unmounted in a DIY kit
Color: Delivered unpainted. The outside must be treated after assembly.
NOTE! Sauna heater is not included in the standard package.

Home delivery with tail-lift:
It is important that you as a customer plan the receipt of the goods in advance. As standard for home delivery, this is done by a 7.5 LDM truck with tail-lift, unless otherwise requested in your order. Standard home delivery does not include consignments that require special equipment or where accessibility is restricted by environmental zones, axle loads, narrow roads or possible complications for unloading in your area, local traffic regulations or limited accessibility, and the need for reloading to another vehicle. For home delivery it is required that the unloading area is snow-free and has concrete or asphalt coating when unloading takes place by hand-lift. If such area is missing or unloading can not be complete then products return to...
Posted on 10/07/20

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