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Outdoor Defense Oil (Gallon)

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Outdoor Defense Oil (Gallon)
A Great Non-Toxic way to finish your outdoor projects. Made with 100% Pure Tung Oil, Citrus Oil, and Zinc. We all know about Zinc in sunburn skin care products. The Citrus oil helps to keep mold and mildew away along with the zinc. Use on wood, concrete, stone and any absorbent material. Safe on wood garden beds. Generally, 2 to 4 coats give moderate protection. More coats only if the wood will accept it. The Outdoor Defense Oil can build on a surface and my not be super smooth to the touch, but this will only happen if the oil is over applied. Will provide a matte finish. Do not apply directly under the hot sun, as the oil will polymerize very fast and leave a frosty, rubbery surface. -Coat wood until saturated – wipe off extra with clean cloth after approx. 40 min. – check for seepage; rub off any puddles with lint free cloth. -Let dry for 4-48 hrs. between applications -2-4 coats should do it for light weather exposure -6 coats should be more than enough for heavy duty projects -Use a soft cloth for renewal and building coats to touch things up -7 -10 days partial cure -30 days full cure -Lay out rags until fully dry before disposing.
Posted on 10/17/20

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