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Lukoil Luxe C3 5W-30 Engine Oil

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Lukoil Luxe C3 5W-30 Engine Oil
LUKOIL LUXE C3 5W-30 ensures excellent wear protection thanks to extremely fast oiling, even at low temperatures, which has been proven in extensive test series. According to the VW RNT Diesel Wear test, the engine oil from Lukoil protects your vehicle 2.7 times better than it is requested by the well-known car manufacturer. Special low temperature properties ensure a quick start of the engine at extremely cold temperatures. Long operating intervals, optimal oil pressure in all speed ranges and best engine cleanliness - these are important advantages for which engine oils from Lukoil are so popular with car owners!

Specifications and approvals: ACEA C3; API SN/ CF; BMW LL-04; MB 229.31, 229.51, 226.5; Renault RN 0700/ 0710.

Low ash synthetic smooth-running engine oil for modern petrol and diesel engines with particulate filter.

Lukoil Luxe C3 5W-30 is ideal for petrol and diesel engines with particulate filter from BMW, Mercedes Benz, Renault and Opel. It can also be used in vehicles with LPG (LPG).

Innovative additive technology "Long-Life": LUKOIL LUXE C3 5W-30 ensures maximum performance at long oil change intervals. Maximum fuel savings due to its lowered high temperature viscosity. Reduced oil consumption due to low evaporation tendency.

Ensures the best cleanliness of the diesel particulate filter (DPF), reduces friction of moving parts and guarantees maximum engine life.
Posted on 10/10/20

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