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Hydraulic Pressure Cylinder RC 101

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Hydraulic Pressure Cylinder RC 101
Hydraulic pressure cylinder RC and cylinder foot, design Pressure: Einfachwirkend. The Cylinder can be used in any position. Model RC 50 with fixed, all cylinder spine, with interchangeable spine, grooved pressure piece; Operating Pressure: 700 bar, spring return, wiper ring (excpet the model RC 50) – Hard chrome piston rod, retaining ring prevents out the column, with mounting thread on the cylinder head (except model No. RC 50); Used for cylinder foot: to the stability of the cylinder station Nwendungen; Model RC 101; Max. Compressive force chest kN, stroke 25 mm, Ölvolumen 36 cm³; retracting Height 90 mm, outer diameter 57 mm; Weight 1.7 kg, pressure cylinder
Posted on 10/09/20

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