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Dubai New Year Fireworks 2021 | Burj Khalifa Fireworks Laser Show 2021 | UAE Welcomes New Year 2021

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Dubai New Year Fireworks 2021 | Burj Khalifa Fireworks Laser Show 2021 | UAE Welcomes New Year 2021
It was a celebration of togetherness, community remembrance and a powerful tribute to the UAE frontliners as Burj Khalifa, the world’s tallest tower, lit up Dubai skies with an amazing fireworks and laser show to usher in the New Year.

Before the main event, flags of various countries were displayed on Burj Khalifa. Japan and South Korea came first as they celebrated their New Year at 7pm (UAE time), followed by China, the Philippines and Singapore at 8pm; while Thailand, Vietnam and Indonesia came at 9pm. India’s flag was displayed at 10.30pm as well as Sri Lanka’s flag. Pakistan colours, and the flags of Turkmenistan and Uzbekistan were showcased at 11pm.

The flags of UK, Ireland, and Senegal will be displayed at 4am while the colors of Brazil, Canada, USA, Chile, Panama, Costa Rica and Mexico will be showcased at 5am.

Fireworks facts and figures
247 firing positions around Burj Khalifa
1,235 firing directions to create an elegant lace of pyrotechnics designs
11,693 firing orders, following orders at a frequency of thousandth of a second, synchronised with GPS clock, linked by optical fiber and 6,500 metres of vertical cables
Lights and laser show listicles
100 outdoor frame moving lights were installed, in addition to 10 RGB 30W lasers on the facade of Burj Khalifa 25km of cable used, including data and power cabling inside and outside the tower plus front of house control point
120 crew from over 15 countries were part of the production team
Twenty minutes into the highly anticipated Burj Khalifa fireworks and laser show, people at Dubai Mall promenade are taking their positions, occupying the square marks designated for each individual as part of the health and precautionary measures. According to sources, Burj Khalifa pyrotechnics and laser show will last 6 minutes and 50 seconds.
Stay tuned and bring out your trumpets to greet the New Year!

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Dubai New Year Fireworks 2021 | Burj Khalifa Fireworks Laser Show 2021 | UAE Welcomes New Year 2021

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Posted on 01/24/21

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