Future Returns From Rare Earth Metals Guarantee Positive Growth


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Current currency and financial systems are undergoing changes at a fundamental level. The recent and ongoing instability of long established financial institutions have severely affected investor’s perceptions. For anyone with savings or cash deposit to invest it is important that other investment avenues are considered.

There are still investment opportunities in the area of rare earth elements. This kind of investment means the investor owns outright a tangible asset that can be stored, and sold on or retained as a valuable element of an investment portfolio. Limited supplies and increasing demand means rare earth elements are a useful protection against inflation. The growth of this sector is due to constant advancement in technology where rare earth metals are an integral part of the manufacturing process. Even during less buoyant global economic growth periods, the appetite for new technology never ceases. In the consumer sector computers, smart phones, tablets, and products of this kind are always in high demand and in the light industrial and construction industries, rare earth metals are in high demand.

In traditional financial markets, there remains uncertainty and this uncertainty is unlikely to stabilise for years to come given how the collapse of huge financial institutions has changed the position. Looking forward ten years, it seems unlikely that stock market and real estate values will recover to prior levels. This means that savers and pension holders will need other secure investment opportunities.

What is certain is that particular commodities will continue to be in demand and in increasing demand as the global population expands and developing nations demand technology commonplace in the developed world. An expected global population increase from 7 billion to 9 billion by 2050 means more people will demand the means to communicate, use solar power, drive vehicles, use computers and consume energy.

Rare earth metals are limited and demand exceeds supply. In the long term, this knowledge can be used to generate real returns on investment that are clearly measurable. The investment also secures the future supply for industry that will buy these rare earth metals when you decide to sell.

Future growth returns in rare earth metals are a solid bet. For example, Analysts estimate global indium deposits at 11,000 tonnes. Indium is used to manufacture thin film coatings used in electronics such as liquid crystal displays (LCDs). Indium, is also used as indium phosphide, to make photovoltaic devices, semi-conductors, specialised solders and metal alloys. Current consumption is already 500 tonnes per year making this a rare element with a finite life. Ownership of this element guarantees an increase in value over the longer term.

The benefits of rare earth metal investment have high potential for growth and protects against currency reforms and inflation. One metal or a package of metals can be invested in depending on your sector interest and there is security in having the physical ownership of an asset that is securely stored gaining in value. Investors also have the additional benefit of knowing they are investing in the industrial future of businesses by ensuring there is a supply of these in demand and sought after elements.

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